Friday, May 27, 2011

Assignment 9 and up: Open Season

This is the section that you choose the assignments you wish to complete.  There is no required amount to complete.  The only requirement is that you are working and expanding your skills towards our final project.

Below you will find several options and/or places to start.  These are not the only sources of tutorials.  They are meant to only be a starting point.

Gamemaker:  Video Game Creation

Anyone interested in creating their own video games?  This is the place to start.
Click on Start -> All programs -> Gamemaker 8 and follow the tutorial on the right side of the program (once it opens)

Illustrator - Part 2
Search the web for a cool online tutorial that uses Illustrator.  Be sure that the tutorial is not for CS5... we have CS4.
Example tutorial websites.

Photoshop - Try any of these assignments

1. Alphabet Soup
For this assignment you will need to download the alphabet soup tutorial and this picture.  If you find a nicer bowl of super on the interweb then you can you use that one instead!

2. Picture into Words 
Picture into Words Tutorial

3. Street Dance

4. Custom Text 
The tutorial can be found here.

5. I'm on fire text

The tutorial can be found here.

6. zhinoceros

something looks wrong here???

Here are the original pictures I used.

7. Photoshop Tutorial Websites

Here a few more websites to look at when trying to find a photoshop tutorial, including the one below