Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Assignment 1: license plate

1. Click on start.
               -> all programs
                          -> accessories
                                      -> paint

2. Using paint, create a personalized plate. The license plate must have a definite edge/border. See the following link for an example.

3. Your license plate can have only one imported image/picture. The rest must be created using paint.

4. Font can come from paint or created on an online font generating site.

5. The license plate must include the jurisdiction, expiry date, and slogan of the province/state/country. See the following link for an example.

6. Make it personalized. ex. AVG JOE, 2HOT4U, etc.

7. Size.
      Click on file
              -> page setup.
                       -> change to landscape

Fill up the entire page and have fun!

URLs of font generating websites.

Student Examples of completed assignments